Italian Cab Driver Charges Obese Passenger Extra Fare For Flat Tire

You’re off the hook, P. Diddy, as it looks like we just found a new winner for June’s “Asshole of the Month.”

According to Today’s TMJ4, a taxi driver in Rome recently picked up an obese passenger at the Termini train station and wound up charging him an extra 50 euros because he thought the man’s weight was 100 percent to blame when one of the car’s rear tires blew while they were en route to a medical clinic.

The flat rate trip should have cost the man 30 euros, but the cabbie felt the tire would have remained in tact if the man didn’t tip the scales at 336 pounds.

The man was so embarrassed about the situation that he decided to give in to the cabbie’s demands and pay the full 80 euros just so he could get the hell out of there.

No word on who the cabbie would have blamed the flat tire on if it would have been two 170-pound men in his backseat instead of just one 336-pound man, but if the driver’s name was Mel Gibson, then it probably would have been whichever one was Jewish.

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