The Hottest New Rides Your Money Can Buy

Whether or not you believe it’s cheaper for you to Uber than have your own car, there’s a myriad of sexy new models hitting the streets over the course of the next year. From redesigns and reinventions to new innovations and hybrids, get in the driver seat of some of the hottest, hippest new rides your money can buy.

2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition
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Price Tag: $24,625
Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Ford has redesigned its Mustang using the older body style of their hot little pony, giving drivers the traditional sleek and speedy 5.0 liter ride with 420 horsepower, as well as a modern “eco-boost” option in a 2.3 liter, four-banger engine with 305 ponies on it. It’s wider, safer and lower than its ever been to drive a Mustang, but it’s still got that classic pony ride.

2016 Honda Civic Type R
Cars, Hot New Cars
Price Tag: $49,965
Honda is leaving behind its safe, secure look and branching out with a sporty, exciting concept style in 2016. The Type-R, a sort of Civic Si model, will be brought to America after being a hit model overseas for so long. This body is sleeker, faster and sexier than any Civic in its past, available in a six-speed manual transmission with a 2.0 liter turbo VTEC four-speed engine, light on the road but heavy on performance.

2015 Mini Cooper Countryman S/JCW
Cars, Hot New Cars
Price Tag: $26,950
With the quick zip of the Mini Cooper S, 2015 shows us its Countryman, a four-door patriot of comfort, handling and comfort of a car inside a small SUV. With a standard six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive, you can have the sporty car and the reliable SUV without having to choose.

2016 VW T6 Transporter Van
Cars, Hot New Cars
Price Tag: $23,000
It’s not the new Microbus, but you can sure fool yourself into believing it is so. The Multivan T6 Transporter comes in a two tone paint, reminiscent of a retro VW Bus but with the updated modern scope of today’s comfort vans. The backseats face each other like that of a limousine, and the rest of the interior helps you feel as though you’re riding in style with its comfort and spacious features. Of course, you’re welcome to scrap the backseats and put in a kitchen and sleeping quarters of your device and call it a VW Bus.

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Cars, Hot New Cars
Price Tag: $24,790
The car that always looked like a toy to us as a child is still a toy for adults, rolling in with its original ’90s body style, even slightly tighter and lower than before. Yes, it’s even more of a toy now than ever. Though it may be smaller than ever, the interior is also more spacious at the same time, keeping things concise and leg room adequate. It’s the quick little convertible that’s still affordable despite the consistently rising price tags of the auto industry. Fiat is expected to come out with a competitive 124 Spider based on the same model for next year too.
The tag line for the new Mazda MX-5 Miata model: Everything we love about Miata, but smaller. As if we thought that were even possible.

2016 Chevy Volt
Cars, Hot New Cars
Price Tag: $30,607
The improvements of the new Chevy Volt over the first round of its electric car are so great and cost effective that Chevy has surplus of older models they’re having a hard time moving off their lots. The plug-in car adds power, as well as better performance and safety while shedding its fat and reducing its price compared to its 2015 model alone. The Volt was a bold eco-friendly concept that needed to be perfected over time, and the closer they come in this electric hybrid shift, the more affordable the model is getting. Sounds too good to be true. If you were planning on grabbing a 2015 Chevy Volt, hold on a minute longer for the new one.

2016 Mazda6
Cars, Hot New Cars
Price Tag: $24,702
The terms “sedan” and “sport” have never been more closely related with Mazda’s fresh uplift to its flagship model…err, flag…car. The Mazda6 has always toed the line of safety, space and sport for a six-speed sedan, but now with its redesign, folks are getting a look at what Mazda is truly capable of in 2016. With an electronic parking brake, stylish new trim and a buttload of speed for a sedan, this is the premiere car for soccer moms who still like to get their skirt blown up. Do girls like getting their skirt blown up? That’s probably just us.

2015 Chrysler 200
Cars, Hot New Cars
Price Tag: $22,695
A revolutionized Chrysler car has found its way to us in 2015, becoming a big competitor of best affordable cars to lease this year and pulling up right alongside the most reliable compact cars, like Camry and Accords. Chrysler’s newly founded leadership offers us this ideal compact car with a little extra girth and length compared to its competitors while still keeping up with speed, gas mileage, AND it can parallel park itself. Enterprise just came in their pants.

2016 Audi 6
Cars, Hot New Cars
Price Tag: $47,125
Ranked number one with Car & Driver as the best in luxury mid-size sedans, Audi is back with their refined A6 and a bunch of reasons why you’d be wasting your time spending more on a Mercedes or BMW. While other cars are trimming the hedges and making adjustments to keep up with Audi, the recurring top performing car simply makes simple adjustments to satisfy its drivers, even if it’s just to fix a glare or slight curve. Toted as a “masterfully executed” interior and conservative, yet stunning visual from down the block, the Audi A6 is back and just as good as ever.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Cars, How New Cars
Price Tag: $131,395
Well, it wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t throw in a classic whose price tag runs a little deeper. The cozy Porsche 911 GT3 is still the 500-horsepower machine we know and love but the new models show a meaner, wider version weighing 22 pounds less but pulling all the numbers of its predecessor. It’s like a new Apple product: faster, lighter and sexier than ever, and we have no idea how.