Drexel Law Professor Accidentally Sends Students Link to Anal Bead Porn

The title of the video is “She Loves her Anal Beads,” and by the looks of things, that’s a fairly accurate title.

According to Uproxx, a Drexel University law professor is being internally investigated after she recently sent her students what was supposed to be a link to an article about writing briefs, but instead wound up being a 13-mintue video of a young lady pleasuring herself with a vibrator and anal beads.

Lisa McElroy, who earned her doctorate from Harvard Law School, now faces a possible suspension because of her blunder. She also once appeared on an episode of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

School officials are no doubt unhappy about McElroy’s gaffe, but if they look at it with a “glass half full” mindset, her effort to teach her kids about brief writing may have indirectly taught them the importance of clearing their browsers when they’re finished surfing through smut.

This video is not anal bead-related, we swear:



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