10 Famous Men Who Fathered Illegitimate Children

Not every man can exhibit self-control as well as the good Lord intended, and even some of the most respected men in the Bible have a rep for fathering illegitimate children. There are plenty of current famous men who fathered children and became popular for their statuses as “baby daddy,” as well. We won’t go into the world of pro sports too much because that would be a long list, and we’re not including historical figures so Thomas Jefferson is off the hook. So, who’s your favorite baby daddy?

Chuck Norris

Fathers with illegitimate kids, chuck norris
Apparently not even condoms can stop Chuck Norris, as the badass Texas ranger conceived a child with another woman while being married in the early ’60s. It wasn’t until the early ’90s that Norris found out about said love child, named Dina Norris. She’s not in the above photo, though. That’s Chuck, his wife, and his twin kids.

Liam Gallagher

10 celebs with illegitimate kids, liam gallager
A recent case of child illegitimacy involves former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and former rock journalist Liza Ghorbani. She interviewed Gallagher while on tour with his band, Beady Eye, in New York. Sometime before or after that interview, they did the nasty and made a baby. Meanwhile, his marriage to Nicole Appleton fell apart due to Ghorbani’s break in silence to request more money – a lot more money ($3 million) – from the arrogant Brit rocker after receiving an alleged $5,000 each month. She is currently staying with friends and family in Upstate New York while her lawyers battle for financial support from the rock star for baby Gemma.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

celebs with illegitimate kids, arnold schwarzenegger
One of the most notorious baby daddies of all is the Terminator/California governor himself. Arnold managed to get famous for lifting weights, became an A-list actor despite nobody being able to understand him, married a Kennedy and then became governor of a state he can’t pronounce. But he somehow managed to get screwed when he was caught diddling the maid and suddenly had himself a teenage son, Joseph Baena, a near Arnold-doppelgänger. Props to Bill Burr for his magnificent analysis – which I just paraphrased – of the great life of Arnold. When the news came out in 2011, his wife Maria Shriver filed for divorce.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan announced that she was pregnant with the “Golden Boy’s” baby in February 2007, roughly two months after the couple broke up. She gave birth to a boy, John Moynahan, in August 2007. It was the first child for Brady and Moynahan. However, during this pregnancy Brady began dating Gisele, which undoubtedly created some awkward moments. However, he is reportedly an active and present father to his son John, along with his younger son (whom he had with Gisele).

Steven Tyler

celebs with illegitimate kids, liv tyler
The Aerosmith singer hooked up with model Bebe Buell, who was already famously shacking up with American rocker and music producer, Todd Rundgren. Eventually she gave birth to a familiar face known as Liv Tyler, and once she was old enough to realize who her father was, she struck up a relationship.

Jude Law

celebs with illegitimate kids, jude law
In 2009, the former People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” actor Jude Law hooked up with American model Samantha Burke at the age of 24 in a New York nightclub. She gave birth to baby Sophia, and Jude signed a child support deal for several millions of dollars. That’s a hell of a bar tab.

Puff Daddy

celebs with illegitimate kids, puff daddy
Better known to the people as P. Diddy, the hip hop artist and producer fathered an illegitimate child in 2007 with Atlanta photographer Sarah Chapman. This ended his long-term relationship with model Kim Porter, whom he has three children with.

Hugh Grant

celebs with illegitimate kids, hugh grant
Hugh Grant went a long time without becoming a dad, but he’s making up for it really quick. The 54-year-old British actor and Tinglan Hong welcomed their first child in 2011. But in an impressive instance of good timing, they welcomed their second son in 2012, and just three months later, Hugh’s third (love) child with former Swedish girlfriend Anna Elisabet Eberstein came out in the news. After his illegitimate baby was more than a year old, Grant signed his name as father on the birth certificate in 2013. One, two, three. Good job, Hugh, and good luck with all those diapers.

Ray Charles

celebs with illegitimate kids, ray charles
He might have been blind, but he was no stranger to a woman’s touch, fathering 12 children with nine different women. Before his death in 2004, Charles made a deal to give each child a one-time payment of a half-million dollars, keeping them clear of his estate. In 2006, more than half of his children were sued for violating their deal in the wake of his death.

Gavin Rossdale

celebs with illegitimate kids, gavin rossdale
The Bush frontman helped birth a beautiful Daisy after a brief indiscretion with Pearl Lowe, a close friend who was in a relationship with another man. A paternity test later concluded Rossdale was the father. Daisy Lowe would become a popular fashion model, and the secrets then unfolded to Gavin’s wife Gwen Stefani. It was “no doubt” a messy conversation after so many years.

Eddie Murphy

celebs with illegitimate kids, eddie murphy
The Beverly Hills Cop dated former Spice Girl Mel B, who revealed she had been impregnated by the comedy genius. Allegedly, he has not acknowledged the child despite being the proven father. In 2009, it was reported that Murphy was ordered by the courts to pay a hefty child support bill, allegedly $51,000 per month.