Our New Favorite Whiskeys for President’s Day Weekend

It’s a known historical fact that this country was founded, and continues to thrive, through the enjoyment of alcohol. If you don’t believe that, just check out these 10 fun facts about our former presidents. Now that we’re clear, we’d like to share with you some great new whiskeys (whiskies) out there that were made to be enjoyed on a long, manly President’s Day weekend. Whether you like your booze neat, on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of these bad boys.

CUTTY SARK Prohibition Edition

A new edition to its line of blended Scotch whiskies, Prohibition Edition is a nod to the brand’s origins during thcutty sark prohibition edition, new whiskye Prohibition era, paying tribute to the style of liquid consumed during the 1920s. It was coined “Cutty Pro” by its early adopters, and salutes the notorious Captain William McCoy, who smuggled Cutty Sark into the American speakeasies.

Cutty Pro has a full flavor composed of black pepper and toffee notes with a subtle hint of vanilla, and it finishes very smooth.

100 proof

SRP – $29.99

2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey

2 Gingers has been available for a couple years now, but only in select markets. However, the fastest growing Irish whiskey has2 Gingers whiskey now grown beyond its Minnesota roots and is officially available across the U.S. 2 Gingers is a smooth, malty, and slightly sweet premium, blended Irish whiskey. It is aged four years and double-distilled with mixability in mind, so much so that the brand created and trademarked two balanced and simple cocktails, the Big Ginger and Skinny Ginger. For more, like them on Facebook.

80 proof

SRP – $19.99

JIM BEAM Single Barrel

This is a bit of a tease, as this Single Barrel Bourbon will not be released until May, but the fine folks at Jim Beam were kijim beam single barrelnd enough to send us a sample, and this is your advance notice to make sure you don’t miss out. Single Barrel is the first-ever single barrel offering from Beam, and the hand-crafted Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey expression represents seven generations of history and offers some of the best liquid their distillers have produced. Less than 1 percent of Beam barrels qualify for the Single Barrel bottling, and each one is hand-numbered with care.

The taste is full-bodied with sweet, rich, well-balanced attributes of oak, vanilla and caramel. It’s the perfect sip and savor bourbon to enjoy neat or on the rocks.

95 proof

SRP – $34.99