Researchers Say Pubic Hair Grooming Injuries Are on the Rise

That extra inch is proving to be extra painful.

Whether it’s been a while since you’ve seen it or it’s just plain been a while, everybody has their own very personal reasons for grooming their pubic hair. But a recent study has given all manscapers and bushwhackers a reason to be extra careful the next time they ready their razors.

Pubic hair grooming injuries have quintupled since 2002.

A team of doctors released their findings in the journal Urology, after analyzing 11,704 emergency room injuries related to trimming the ol’ short and curlies. Of those incidents, 56.7% involved women, 83% involved a shaving razor, and 36.6% involved some kind of laceration. The most common site of injury was the “external female genitalia,” where 36% of the drama went down. However, men were more likely to be the injured party past the age of 29.

While the average age of the injured lawn mower was just under 31 years old, we couldn’t help but notice that just less than ten percent of the injured trimmers were over the age of 65, a stat in which the accompanying mental image has scarred us more than seeing Jonah Hill yank on his pork sword in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

(via New Republic)

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