The Left Shoe Company: Custom Shoes Just For You

It’s almost impossible to find a shoe that fits perfectly. Most of us settle for the closest thing and move on, accepting a life filled with back problems. That or we go into the geriatric section of Payless and pick out the nicest looking pair of all black ergonomically correct nurse shoes. The Left Shoe Company wants to change that.

Thanks to 3D scanning technology and European craftsmanship, every shoe that comes out of The Left Shoe Company is totally unique. By taking a 360-degree picture of your foot, your shoe will envelope your foot like no other footwear you have ever worn before.

It’s not all just about the fit. Fashion matters, too. After picking a silhouette that suits your tastes, tinker with details like color, material and sole. Once you’re done designing your masterpiece, skilled shoemakers assemble your footwear in Portugal. The leather and suede come from Italy while the soles are made using the Goodyear welt process.

There are Left Shoe Company locations spread from the UK to Denmark to Italy to Japan. The only U.S. location right now is in Los Angeles. For more info, check out The Left Shoe Company website.


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