Eyezen Digital Lenses Protect Your Eyes From a World of Screens

We spend a significant portion of our lives staring at screens, whether they be our desktop computers at work, our smartphones or our TVs. While it’s necessary to do so given our continued reliance upon technology, being constantly glued to these screens can have long-term negative ramifications on our eyes. This is where EyeBuyDirect‘s Eyezen Digital Protection lenses come in.

With most backlit digital screens emitting blue-violet, high energy visible (HEV) light, EyeBuyDirect have constructed eyewear that not only looks stylish, but also provides our eyes with the protection they need after a hard day of staring at emails, spreadsheets and Facebook. With frames starting at just $6, they’re available in a variety of colors and designs for men, women and children.


The Eyezen lenses work by way of  precision engineered filter, that allows beneficial blue-turquoise light to pass through while deflecting a portion of harmful blue-violet light. As an added benefit, the lenses also shield our eyes from damaging UV rays, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The eyestrain inflicted by excessive viewing of digital screens can lead to headaches, blurred vision and increased stress levels as a result of our inability to focus, while it is believed that reading using a Kindle or other electronic device before bed negatively impacts upon our sleep cycle, too. The Eyezen therefore offer a solution to this issue, albeit one that’s easier on the eye (no pun intended) than you’d probably expect.


Although the Eyezen cater to those looking to purchase lenses on a budget, EyeBuyDirect also has its premium brand RFLKT which boasts a range of premium lenses for $70 each. You can also purchase the Eyezen right here.