Klio Brings the World of Digital Art Home to Your Place

A new digital art device promises to offer an exciting, wide open world to artists, enthusiasts and design lovers by connecting them virtually and globally via homes and studios. The Klio is much more than a large digital photo frame. It’s a portal into a worldwide artistic community.

The Klio comes in three designs — the Muse, the Stylist and the Rival. Each trim level up the line offers fancier finishes and some custom features, but the device’s primary function remains the same. The Klio is an interactive screen — part digital photo player, part massive tablet computer and part interior decor — that taps into a global online art marketplace and community.

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While the Klio comes equipped with more than 300 unique creations ready to display, the platform offers the ability to choose from an ever-expanding and evolving selection of static and in-motion designed to bring motion-rich digital art to life in the home or office. As digital artists experiment and create new work, Klio’s art marketplace delivers it to art lovers.

The creations to choose from currently come in seven categories: Video, Classic, Cinemagraphs, Chrono, Clock, Morph and Creative coding. The mix of formats allows the Klio to show moving digital images of the avant-garde,  static classic works from the great artists of past eras or anything in the spectrum.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.17.35 PM

While the device can be displayed any way the owner might show off a painting, poster or large photograph, the Klio ships with a wall mounting kit allowing it to hang up like any HDTV. Any home or office wifi signal should prove adequate to connect the system to its own art sharing network.

That network is what makes the Klio most fascinating. While the service maintains a standing collection of classic and modern, moving and static works, Klio holds the door open for new and emerging artists to show their efforts to the world. In a sense, Klio is bringing to the digital art world what iTunes is for music — a virtual market for artists and on-demand download source for art lovers.

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With new art for sale coming from fresh faces, Klio would feature works for sale, rent or subscription with revenue sharing paying the artists for their efforts. The network would also arrange special limited edition exhibitions as package deals.

The Klio and its network are still in its early days with the first run of the devices are now for sale. The door is now open for digital artists to enter the program and submit their work for sale and download. No matter who the Klio, its art collections, and the artist network evolves, the Klio immediately succeeds as a fascinating piece of home decor and an envious conversation starter in any home.