Best Foot Forward | Reef Surfs Beyond The Sandal

Reef was founded more than 30 years ago by entrepreneur brothers Fernando and Santiago Aguerre in South America. Wanting to bring their vision to America, they settled in the most fitting place possible: Southern California. While the product was good, it was really a brilliant marketing campaign that got them the exposure they needed (and exposure is the right word.) 

While you’re likely familiar with a cheeky pinup or a staple calendar from your days of youth, we’ll remind you that it was Reef that founded the Miss Reef contest. By showing off the assets of beautiful women all over the world that were vying for the title, the brand got global attention. 

Since then Reef has grown up. Not only have they expanded from flip flops to other footwear styles, like sneakers and stylish, casual, work-appropriate styles, but they also offer a comprehensive line of apparel, for both men and women. 

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Additionally, we’ve come to find out that Reef has a heart. The brand has come to represent and live by a concept of, “Just passing through..” recommending that people get out there and travel, and surf, and do so by passing through different countries, cultures, and mindsets, as you make a positive impact on the world. Talk about a revelation we can get on board with. 

Reef’s global ambassadors, (one of them is pro surfer Rob Machado), along with the company’s locally inspired calls to action, bring to life amazing experiences for the people they meet. Corey Harper volunteered his way through Fiji. And stateside, Reef partnered with Urban Surf 4 Kids to give youngsters access to the ocean, and the amazing world of surfing. 

Check out the lineup, and consider adopting the good vibes mentality.. by doing some good. 

All images courtesy of Reef.