Best Foot Forward | Tretorn Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Nylite

Tretorn is a footwear brand founded in Sweden way back in 1891. While they’ve had many popular styles, the Nylite has been a staple for the company, and this year they are celebrating the shoe’s 50th anniversary. Instead of a cake and candles, Tretorn decided to partner with fifty unique artists, hand them over a blank pair, and ask each to do their magic. The results are amazingly creative and diverse.

Throughout the celebration, Tretorn will spotlight participating artists, and Jayson Atienza is currently in the spotlight. Born in the Philippines, but raised in Jersey City, this painter started off his career in advertising, but ultimately found his way to make art his day job. His work is focused on detailed line applications, but it often gets a highly saturated dose of color. Drawn to the distinct lines of the Nylite style, Atienza was easily inspired.

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Starting with drawn renderings of the shoe, Atienza tested out his concept and color application first on paper. Then with an idea in mind, meticulous hand painted art took form on the previously stark sneakers. What’s so cool about the finished products that have been shared so faris just how literally these artisans were able to apply their artmaking process to the sneaker canvas. Check out some of our favorites below:

Images courtesy of Tretorn.