Vision Quest | The Chill & Cheap Beachy Vibes of Local Supply

Australian sunglass company Local Supply set out to make an affordable line of sunglasses. Why? According to their brilliant tag line, “Expensive sunglasses are always the first casualty after a big adventure.” That’s just a little too true. It’s not really our fault – the darn things are just so sensitive. You drop them, you scratch them. You step on them, you shatter them. You put them on the table as you’re paying your bar tab and leave them right next to the credit card slip. 

All the sunnies in the Local Supply offering come in between about $45-60 USD. While they offer free shipping inside Australia, for those of us who don’t call our friends mate, we’ll have to pay a little for the delivery, but these frames will still come in very affordably. 

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The Local Supply line up is made of three silhouettes, but in barrage of different colorways and treatments. Our favorites include a model guaranteed to look good on everyone, the Freeway, and we recommend trying it in an unexpected hue – like polished tortoise with blue mirrored lenses. But if you’re looking for something a little more straightforward, they have that as well – like the Everyday frame, in grey frost with black lenses. 

No matter which way, we know you’ll get some new fabulous shades, hopefully with fun pops of colors, and with a credit card charge that doesn’t make you fall down and cry if anything were to ever happen to them. 

All images courtesy of Local Supply.


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