Start With This | Koko Head Sunglasses by Maui Jim

Maui Jim is no longer the brand you would expect your dad or kooky Uncle Bob to wear headed down to the lake for some waterskiing. The brand has modernized and now features sunglasses that are not only current and stylish, but have nearly 40 years of sunglass advancement behind them.

Take for example the Koko Head shades. They come in three understated matte colorways (black, wood grain and tortoise), can be made with your prescription built in, and have technologically advanced lenses for optimized color, clarity and detail. The frames are lightweight, durable and look good.

We especially like these sunglasses as our winter frames. During the summer months, your sunglasses get tortured, from sweat, sand and with all the outdoor festivities, usually lost. Instead use Koko Heads smartly and strategically to fend off winter rays, snow flurries and overall make your look that much more cohesive.

Pair your new favorite sunnies with modest, highly wearable and intelligent, cold-weather clothes. We love the Baseline Turtleneck by John Elliot, a smart parka by Represent, and slim dungarees (very advanced jeans) by Outlier to give yourself a look that will make you want to go outside in the cold.