Weekend Dump 10.16.2016

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I’m putting up this week’s Weekend Dump now so I can prepare myself for the Panthers/Saints game at 1 today. That’ll probably involve drinking until I’m numb to the pain that the Panthers are 1-4 right now. I was all excited for fall and now this bullshit. Maybe the GM will realize that offensive tackle is a position on the team at some point. If Cam Newton was 50 pounds lighter, he’d be retired by now. Somebody should also mention defensive and free safety as well, but I wouldn’t want to throw too much at him at once. And replacing Josh Norman will three rookie corners was a great idea, I guess. And Jonathan Stewart is 29 and hurt more than Taylor Swift’s feelings. Maybe look at that. And what happened to Mike Tolbert? He’s also on the team, maybe put him on the field? Just throwing stuff out here. Oh, and Devin Funchess has hands, maybe call a play where Cam puts the football in them. Christ. Sorry guys, I had to get that out. Carry on with all these pictures and stuff. This isn’t football related, but Jessica Lowndes is hot as hell. I feel I should mention that as well.