Quincy Jones Has Some Thoughts On Taylor Swift

Quincy Jones


Quincy Jones gave us Thriller and Rashida Jones, so whatever he says is fine with me. Like in this interview with GQ where he says Taylor Swift’s music is ass.

Do you like any of the people who are big right now? “Yeah, I love Kendrick Lamar, I love Bruno Mars, I love Drake, I love Ludacris, I love Common. Mary J. Blige. Jennifer Hudson.”


But, say, Taylor Swift, I guess, is the biggest pop star on the planet in terms of sales right now and this week is about to sell over a million copies of her new album. Do you like her? Jones makes a face, somewhere between disapproval and disdain.


What’s wrong with it? “We need more songs, man. Fucking songs, not hooks.”


Some people consider her the great songwriter of our age. He laughs. “Whatever crumbles your cookie.”

I’m pretty sure this will be labeled as sexism or whatever instead of a dude with 79 Grammy nominations giving his opinion on music. But it sucks for Taylor Swift that she has to date him now so she can write a song about him. I read somewhere that she was a nazi and white supremacist. Big if true.