Selena Gomez Is Calling Justin Bieber “My Husband” Now

Selena Gomez


Not my husband, her husband, in case you were confused. But yeah, Selena Gomez spent New Year’s Eve in Cabo San Lucas and Justin Bieber was there, because that’s what Jesus would do. Party in Cabo San Lucas and repeatedly bang a chick he wasn’t married to. But it’s fine. Everything is fine is fine. God is totally cool with it.

“She’s started calling him ‘my husband,’” the source tells“so it’s pretty clear she’s taking this relationship very seriously.”

All of Selena’s family, friends, and anyone who gives a shit about her hates Justin Bieber, but God has a plan and she’s leaving it in his hands.

Despite this disapproval, Selena “Not backing down when it comes to Justin,” a source close to Selena EXCLUSIVELY told “She adores him and swears this is the right thing for her. He’s changed and she knows that in time everyone will see that for themselves.”

I’m pretty sure this will turn out well. When he dumps her, she can take comfort that he will return in three days as foretold in the Bible.



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