Amber Heard’s Lawyers Said She Was “Vindicated In The Court Of Public Opinion”

Amber Heard

“Not worth it.” – whoever this old man is

You’d think Amber Heard‘s lawyers, Samantha F. Spector and Joseph P. Koenig, would be happy about getting $8M for their client without her ever filing a police report, sitting down for a deposition, or testifying at a hearing, but they just couldn’t shut up. 

“We are very pleased that this matter has been settled and Amber has been vindicated in the Court of Public Opinion. The case was incredibly challenging and demanding on everyone involved, but mostly on Amber who showed great grace and strength under fire. It was an honor to represent her.”

Now, I’m not a lawyer, but I probably wouldn’t have revealed my entire game plan until after the $8M check cleared. Has it cleared yet? I guess not.

Later in the day, Spector fully retracted the comment in a statement released to ET. Spector said that the earlier comments were “made without the knowledge or approval of Amber Heard.” “The statement is untrue and we retract it, without qualification. My assertion that Amber Heard has been vindicated in the court of public opinion is not true,” Spector’s statement continued. “We regret the error and apologize to Johnny Depp.

Oh I’m sure you do, Samantha. Totally. Hopefully that check clears now. Here’s the thing, we all know domestic isn’t a joke and should be taken fucking seriously, since over 50% of mass shootings happen when a dude with a handgun decides to take himself and the woman unlucky enough to be in a relationship with him out. But you can see why you shouldn’t mention the Amber Heard case the next time yet another victim of domestic goes unheard. It should be “Unheard” like I just said. Boom. Killin it today! #unheard