Taylor Swift’s Girl Squad Is Basically Scientology For ‘Rich And Beautiful’ Women

Taylor Swift

Who does Taylor Swift hang out with the most? This person. Did any of that sound right to you? I mean, look at this picture. That’s terrifying. 

It may seem that few things could be less controversial than a group of successful young women who like to party together and support one another, but the media has taken a special interest in Swift’s clique. There have been rumors that Taylor’s squad must abide by a strict set of rules. Like lapsed Scientologists, former squad affiliates have gone to the press, claiming that Taylor only accepts the rich and beautiful into her elite group of friends. Now, there are reports that a full-blown Tay mutiny is going down, as the ladies of the squad have grown sick of Taylor’s diva antics.

Taylor Swift routinely does a lot of shady shit, and not many people seem to be too bothered by it or even care, because why would you? Take her new Apple commercials. Like, wasn’t she just up Apple’s ass about something pretty recently? But that’s why Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift, because she can play Apple like that and they’d be excited for the opportunity. So what does all of this added together even mean? I guess it means that if your relevance and future earnings are dependent on Taylor Swift tagging you in Instagram pic, then I suggest carving out some time for personal study then let a family member quiz you on that rulebook. She even has a Nazi haircut now. What’s not making sense to you?

To clarify, this is why they seem to be all mad.

It seems the latest round of problems began when Taylor gave an interview to Vogue during a friend’s wedding – a wedding at which she happened to be the maid of honor. For obvious reasons, her decision didn’t sit well with several squad members.

I don’t know. Seems like a Girl Squad reason to me. If you don’t have a vagina, it’s best just not to question these type of things.

This is a Taylor Swift #tbt because she looks hot here. This isn’t some sort of science.