Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Are Anti-Vaxxers

“Is that camera made of mercury?”

 Rich people are weird.

A friend of the couple claims so, telling In Touch that “Jessica is refusing to vaccinate him. She feels that vaccination could cause complications.” While In Touch reached out to Justin and Jessica’s reps for comment a combined total of nine times over several weeks, the reps received the messages but did not respond…The friend who alleges that Jessica and Justin aren’t vaccinating their son adds: “I’m sure Jessica believes that she’s making the right decision, but hopefully she and Justin will do some more research on this and change their minds.”

All you have to do is read any of Allen West’s or a soccer mom’s Facebook posts to know that no amount of actual facts and science can keep someone from thinking that Obama has a prayer rug in the Oval Office or that 12 hours of labor is the equivalent of a medical degree. Or how somebody like this somehow thinks she’s the world’s subject matter expert on natural immunity. It’s absurd. This comes from In Touch, so feel free to draw your own conclusions on if this is true or not.  But if you happen to see Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s kid, be sure to speak up. Quarantine glass is pretty thick.