Taylor Swift Is Removing Tumblr Posts About Adele

Taylor Swift 1989 Tour

Gays are bowing to Taylor Swift now. She must be stopped before it’s too late. Let’s begin.

Two days ago, Adele broke Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” YouTube record. One day after that, she broke the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer record. That’s fine. Totally fine. But people posting nice things about her on Tumblr? That’s a reblog too far.

While you try to understand the depths of a psychosis that would do that, Taylor Swift also just filed a counter suit against the radio show host who she got fired for “touching her butt” even though he’s passed a lie detector test and another dude admitted to it already. The only thing she needs to do now is install a pit of sharks in her house. She already has the cat she can slowly spin around in a chair and pet.


(h/t OTND)