Taylor Swift Has Started Some Drama With Miranda Kerr Now

Miranda Kerr V Magazine

Miranda Kerr is dating Evan Spiegel, the billionaire CEO and co-founder of Snapchat, and since 2 out of 4 white men in America and Europe have dated Taylor Swift, Spiegel apparently had a fling with Swift then dumped her via text. Taylor Swift called Miranda Kerr to let her know that.

During a recent heart-to-heart with the model, “Taylor wanted Miranda to know Evan is a womanizer and was seeing other girls behind her back.” “They talked on the phone for a long time, and Miranda was fascinated to hear that Taylor thinks Evan is just dating her in order to boost his image.”

I don’t know if Taylor Swift is just a self-absorbed asshole who thinks since she got cheated on then obviously Miranda Kerr would get cheated on, or if she’s become one of the oracles in Minority Report. She’ll probably send Calvin Harris to the exact spot where she senses Spiegel will cheat because Harris now just spends most of his time refreshing Twitter to see if anybody has said anything bad about Swift because she’s a perfect, flawless angel of light who will heal the world as soon as she brings enough women on stage.  Apparently it’s not really bothering Miranda Kerr because she posted this on Instagram today. Doesn’t Taylor Swift wear those kind of shoes? Doesn’t Miranda Kerr look better in them? I think that’s pretty much the moral of the story here.