The Nanny Is Showing All Her Friends Ben Affleck’s Dick Pics

Every picture in this gallery is a moment when the camera caught Ben Affleck realizing he didn’t make this chick sign an NDA.

Ben Affleck has denied he cheated on Jennifer Garner with the couple’s nanny, but according to a new report Christine Ouzounian has shown friends intimate photos featuring the actor!

Keep in mind all this came out a week ago. A fucking week. In seven days, this chick got a blow out, keys to Ben’s Lexus, Ben to pay all her bills and a room at a $1,500 a night hotel, staged a bikini shoot, tipped off the paparazzi, and had a secret plot to get pregnant. Seven days and has an A-list actor shook and Kris Jenner waiting for her AMA.  And when confronted by the media, she “refuses to discuss her relationship with Ben” so everybody will keeping talking about her. Ho is diabolical. This bitch is going full on scorched earth until a sperm touches an egg. All this while looking like a chick you’d forget to text back after your first Netflix and chill. Either the shit tastes like organic honey or her blowjobs have screened at festivals that we don’t know about. Ben better handle this soon or pray the cops can shoot a white lady when she starts to reload at the premiere of Batman vs. Superman.