Katy Perry Is Super Mature

Katy Perry really hasn’t made a secret about her seething hatred for Taylor Swift, even promising Diplo to show him her titties every time he publicly made fun of Swift on Twitter because they’re both in junior high. So allegedly, Katy is writing a “diss track” on her next album for Taylor. Ooooohh, a diss track! It’s on now!

Venture Capital Post  (via ONTD) is reporting that Katy Perry is writing a diss track for Taylor Swift that she plans to include on her upcoming album. A source tells Venture Capital Post that Taylor Swift tried to make nice with Katy Perry at the GRAMMYs, but Katy turned the other way and ignored Taylor. The source explains: “Taylor’s tried to reach out to make amends with Katy, but Katy is not going to accept it nor is she interested in having a friendship with Taylor. She wants nothing to do with Taylor. In Katy’s mind, Taylor shouldn’t even attempt to make a friendship happen. That ship has sailed.” It was recently reported that Taylor Swift was collaborating with Kanye West on a remix of “Bad Blood,” but Taylor Swift was quick to deny that rumor in a Tumblr post. Despite Taylor Swift denying claims that she’ll release “Bad Blood” as single, Katy Perry is intent on making sure she release a diss track for Taylor. The source reveals: “Of course she will leave room on her album for a diss track about Taylor Swift. Katy loves controversy and the feud with Taylor is great for that. She is definitely going to write a new song based on how two-faced she thinks Taylor is.”

Oh, man. A diss track. I bet that will show Taylor. A diss track which I assume will be filled with cliches that rhyme over a track her label bought. Can’t wait. Should be some pretty powerful stuff.