Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Worked Out A Prenup

As we all know, Jennifer Aniston just wants to get married. She thought for a minute about getting Oscar, but obviously that didn’t happen, so now she’s back to her original dream: just finding somebody to marry her. Anybody. The hook has been in Justin Theroux‘s mouth for a few years now, and Aniston’s been gently reeling him in, and now she almost has him in the boat. Easy, Jen. Easssyyy. There he is! Don’t let him get away!

A source said: ”There’s been a lot of talk among friends that [the wedding] could be at their Bel Air home on May 16. They came to an agreement after Justin scaled down his demands – at one point he suggested a £1.3million ‘cheating clause’, but that’s now off the table. ”Jen’s fortune is considerably greater than Justin’s, but if the marriage ends, she’ll now only pay out £1million.”

Man, what a touching tale of romance and passion.  Because nothing really says true love like haggling over money and worrying about if the woman you want to marry is gonna cheat on you. I understand Jennifer here though. Bitches always trying to spend your money before you make it.


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