Stacey Dash Says Bill Cosby Never Raped Her If Anybody Was Wondering

The flood of Bill Cosby rape allegations don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, and they’ve gotten so bad that Netflix has cancelled his special and TV Land has pulled The Cosby Show from their programming. But, good news! Stacey Dash just answered a question that nobody was asking!


Wait, take two. She forgot to tweet this to Entertainment Tonight to fully insert herself into this story.



Oh, ok. Cool. He never touched you. That’s great. Not sure what she’s trying to say here. “I was really hot in 1986, but Bill Cosby never touched me, so obviously all of these women are lying”? Maybe that’s it. We’re all super glad you had a pleasant experience with Bill Cosby, but that doesn’t mean every woman did. Also, every woman coming forward is white, so maybe you weren’t his type. Sorry.