Lorde Says Katy Perry’s Boyfriend Has A Small Penis

Diplo (real name Thomas Pentz) is an American DJ and rapper, so off top you pretty much know he’s a douche. So, of course, that means Katy Perry will let him get his penis near her vagina that abandoned Christ and his teachings. Katy Perry also hates Taylor Swift, so what better way to plant a shade tree than to tell Diplo to make fun of the chick who sold 1.5M albums in it’s first week while your album sold 51,000 when it came out? Unfortunately for Diplo, Lorde saw it.


I guess you can’t blame Diplo for trying to keep his tiny penis in between Katy Perry’s rack at all costs, but maybe he should have used his million Twitter followers to support a better cause: fixing Katy Perry’s eye that looks like it’s floating in water. She probably uses a lot of sunscreen, because people would mistake her Forest Whitaker. Eye up here, Katy.