Ashlee Simpson Can’t Give Her Wedding Photos Away


Hey, do you kinda, sort remember that Jessica Simpson has a younger sister who tried to be a singer that one time then went on SNL and was never heard from again? Take your time. Yeah, she had blonde hair and kind of  a weird chin then wore clothes she found at Hot Topic in the Fall Out Boy section for like two years? Remember? Good. Anyway, she got married to Diana Ross’ son this past weekend and nobody wants to buy her pictures unless Jessica is in them.

One would think the mere presence of the supreme Supreme would be enough to help Ashlee’s photos fetch big bucks, but that doesn’t appear to have been the case. “The only outlet that had expressed any real interest is People,” another insider said. “But they made it clear that a picture of the two sisters together would be better than a picture of Ashlee alone or with her groom. And (People) will not guarantee a cover.” An hour after Confidenti@l contacted Simpson’s rep Janet Ringwood for comment, wedding photos were suddenly, and not exclusively, released for sale to any magazines or papers that were interested — in the late afternoon on Labor Day! We’re also told that Ashlee had considered releasing the pictures via social media.

I don’t even know what Evan Ross looks like. I mean, Getty told me that the banner picture was of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, but it could also be some dude named Devin Ross. We just can’t know for sure. And I wonder if any Ashlee has thought about releasing these exclusively through iCloud?