Blake Lively Wants 30 Kids. 30.

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In the October issue of Allure, Blake Lively talks about what happens to women the minute they get married.

Lively is skilled at evading questions about her romance with Ryan Reynolds, whom she married a month and a half after our interview. “I’m a very shy person,” Lively says. “I can be outgoing, but I’m also very private.” However, she does—perhaps unwittingly—reveal some clues about her life. “I’ve always wanted a big family,” says the actress. How many does kids she want? “Oh, I’d love 30 if I could,” she says. Here, Lively poses in a tulle dress by Marchesa.

My grandfather used to tell me that I should never trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die, so you really have a better chance of understanding the mind of Hannibal Lecter than you would a woman. Mostly because Hannibal Lecter understands and accepts that he’s fucking insane. Women do a admirable job of holding it together most of the time, but as soon as they get married, the PTSD of planning their weddings at 5 years old kicks in and they become Michelle Duggar. I mean, thirty kids? Is she part of the Hitler youth? I’m having a hard time understanding this. Ladies?


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