Britney Spears Bought Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel A Wedding Gift

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I love vagina as much as the next guy who loves vagina, but as a general rule, women are petty, reactionary, and emotional basket cases who would rather set their favorite pair of shoes on fire than to feel genuine happiness for another woman’s success or relationship, so it’s a little surprising that Britney Spears dropped $20K on a wedding gift for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Especially when Jessica Biel’s ass looks like that. Now reports:

But not everyone is going to be thrilled about it because our source says Brit’s fiancé Jason Trawick, 40, ‘would be livid if he knew’. The US X Factor judge, 30, bought the lovebirds a holiday voucher for a week’s stay at a private island ‘to thank Justin for always being there for her’. But our source says: ‘Jason has no idea. Brit’s been reaching out to a lot of old friends and is trying to build bridges. ‘But Jason doesn’t trust her friends. He thinks she’s still too unstable for a regular life.’

So to recap, everybody is happy for everybody except Britney’s fiance. Because that’s $20K less he’ll have when Britney finally snaps and walks around the middle of Fairfax in a diaper and a Darth Vader mask waving a paper towel roll at cars and making light saber sounds. “BSSSSSSH….vrrrrrrrm….VRRRMvrrm!!”, Britney might be overheard saying.

pic source = WENN