Konnichiwa, Ya’ll

At some point, the country music industry will realize they are giving all these awards to a blonde Chinese transvestite who can’t sing, but until that time, Taylor Swift won her second consecutive Entertainer Of The Year last night at the 47th annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Like, is there nobody in country music who can entertain? What about that one guy in the cowboy hat who sings that one song? Or that other dude in the cowboy hat who sings that other song? And why don’t they ever talk about that one chick in the cowboy hat who sings that one song about that one thing? They seem pretty good. I feel like all of this might be just staged for ratings.

Note: Yes, I understand that I called Taylor Swift Chinese and that “konnichiwa” is Japanese. Also understand that I don’t care. Thanks.

Pic source = WENN