Halle Berry Hates Kim Kardashian

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Well, this explains everything now, doesn’t it? People reports:

In late November, the reality starlet and Canadian model Gabriel Aubry caught a Lakers game and stepped out to watch the movie Burlesque. They then quietly went their separate ways, and by early December, Kardashian was dating pro basketball player Kris Humphries. But sources say that one person took the brief episode seriously: Aubry’s ex, Halle Berry. “Halle was very upset,” says a source close to the actress. “She was upset at the idea of someone like that being in her daughter’s life. She did not want a reality star in Nahla’s life. She was very aggravated.” Another source close to Berry, 44, says the Oscar winner’s reaction had nothing to do with jealousy. “Halle couldn’t care less who Gabriel dates,” says this source. “She just didn’t want Nahla exposed to the cameras that are undoubtedly around a reality star.”

To put things in perspective, Gabriel Aubry and Kim Kardashian were photographed together on a date ONCE, and whatever was going on with them, was over in two weeks. Not once was their kid present, yet Halle Berry flew into a rage and justified it by saying she was only looking out for her child. And to be clear, if she didn’t want her child to be constantly in front of a camera, well, then she should have bought some Plan B. She’s an Oscar winner and one of the hottest women on the planet. Cameras tend to notice that kind of thing. You know, except for the Hasselblad EDC. That’s because it’s a specially designed version of the motorized 500EL intended for use on the surface of the moon. The camera is equipped with a specially designed Biogon lens with a focal length of 60 mm, with a polarization filter mounted on the lens.


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