Miles Austin Is Sad

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin has spent every night recently crying in a dark room listening to Everybody Hurts on repeat. However it’s not Kim Kardashian that has him so heart broken (or the 0-2 start)… it’s his painful split from the paparazzi.

“Sitting on the floor of the Lakers game with her was better than any commercial of him that would ever run,” an insider tells “Sure, he liked her to an extent, but he loved the publicity a lot more.”

The only things Kim Kardashian is good for are showing us just how well Spanx can work, and media attention. Unless Miles Austin is into golden showers and compression underwear, chances are he was using her. When I Googled his name, a plethora of articles about his relationship with the Armenian urinal preceded articles about his career- and his career is kind of on fire right now. But why date a Kardashian for publicity? I guess puppy mills and sweat shops must have already had a spokesman.


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