Jessica Simpson Might Be Dating Owen Wilson

Star magazine is reporting that Jessica Simpson and Owen Wilson were seen on a date in Los Angeles recently. The pair reportedly hit it off after meeting in Austin on October 16th while working on a Willie Nelson video:

The two dined Sunday at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica before retiring to his Malibu home. “He couldn’t keep his hands off her,” a witness told the mag.”

Instead of picturing Jessica Simpson’s career, picture a dolphin trapped in a fishing net, and you’ll get a clearer understanding as to why these two are “dating.” Because open any magazine, and you’ll find that Jessica Simpson is supposed to be some kind of Hollywood sex symbol. Too bad she can’t keep a man for longer than five minutes. Enter Owen Wilson. Nice one, Papa Joe. Way to think ahead. Compared to slitting his wrists and swallowing a bottle of pills like a girl, the thought of getting caught massaging Jessica Simpson’s prostate really won’t register that high on Owen Wilson’s embarrassment scale.

Jessica on October 25th: