Paris Hilton is Still a Bitch

Apparently since nobody wants to hang out with her, Paris Hilton reportedly called her ex-friend Mischa Barton wanting to mend their relationship. It turned out exactly the way you imagined:

[Paris was] cooing about mending their prickly relationship – and gushing that of all her frenemies, she’s missed the ex-“O.C.” star the most! Said a source: “Paris then went into a rant about the mess Nicole Richie’ made of her life, how Britney Spears snubbed her – and that Lindsay Lohan’s white trash and destined to be dead soon.” Soured by Paris’s poison tongue, Mischa blew off an invite for a just-us-girlies get-together…and hung up abruptly. Just days later…you guessed it!… Mischa heard Paris was slamming her as “a jealous witch!”

Yeah, that has to be it. Mischa Barton is just jealous. Because, really, what woman wouldn’t be? Herpes, size 14 feet, glass eye, DUI conviction, video of her sucking dick on the internet. Paris has it all, man.

What Paris did over the last 2 days: