Paris Hilton Almost Had a Nervous Breakdown

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TMZ is now reporting the “medical reason” which allowed Paris Hilton to be released from jail 20 days early was due to her psychiatrist telling law enforcement officials that Paris may have a nervous breakdown. Yes, I said “may”:

Psychiatrist Charles Sophy visited Hilton in jail yesterday and the day before. We’re told after Sophy’s visit yesterday, word was passed to the Sheriff that Hilton’s mental state was fragile and she was at risk. The reason for releasing her had nothing to do with a rash or other physical issues. It was purely in her head.”

So, she didn’t even have a nervous breakdown? She just cried for two days? Yeah California legal system, that sounds like a completely reasonable scenario to let a drunk driver out of jail. There’s nothing worse than almost thinking that you might have a nervous breakdown. Well, maybe a papercut. Man, those really hurt!

just posted the following:

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources have just told TMZ the County Jail medical team made the final decision to spring Paris based on Dr. Sophy’s psychological evaluation. And we’re told, Sheriff Lee Baca gave the final approval.”


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