Lindsay Writhes on the Floor With No Panties

Lindsay Lohan’s fling with Calum Best appears to over after Lindsay was thrown out of the New York’s Soho Grand hotel a couple nights ago where she checked in to spy on Best, who was staying there with another woman. Visibly drunk, Lindsay collapsed in the hotel lobby at 1:30 a.m.:

She was writhing on the floor and everyone could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her date and bodyguard looked horrified but they didn’t do a thing to help her so the night manager carried her to her room.”

Lindsay wasn’t quite finished embarrassing herself, so she decided to repeatedly call Calum Best’s room. When he refused to answer she decided to go bang on his door:

He came to the door and opened it a bit, she peeked inside and saw the woman there. She went cuckoo. She yelled at him, slammed the door and banged on it some more.” The actress was reportedly escorted back to her room, but when her disruptive antics continued she was asked to leave the hotel at 5.30am. She checked out an hour later.”

Lindsay Lohan is a bottomless pit of need and insecurity, so it’s no surprise that she would stalk anyone who pays attention to her. Nobody has the balls to tell her anything and she refuses to accept rehab, so there’s only one thing Lindsay can to help her break the cycle – country line dancing. It’s fun for the whole family!

Lindsay leaving Hyde (of course) on May 22nd:

Thanks for the heads up, Chris!



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