Paris Hilton is Still Going to Jail

One day after Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail, the habitual drunk driver was out shopping with her underwear showing which made her Marilyn Monroe style photo-op worthwhile for the paparazzi. Also present was Paris Hilton’s diarrhea of the mouth mommy, Kathy Hilton. The same Kathy Hilton who is blissfully unaware that most people don’t give a shit that she married one of the many unattractive Hilton heirs, and Kathy is a washed-up actress nobody knows or cares about – especially since she blatantly, publicly, stupidly disrespects the people who hold her daughter’s freedom in their hands.

In other news, it’s been reported people, animals and inanimate objects worldwide can’t stop laughing at Paris Hilton being sent to jail. I tried to fill my car with gas yesterday and couldn’t, so the gas pump gave me a refund for all the gas my car laughed, choked on and spit on the pavement.

Paris trying and failing to be Marilyn:

Paris the day she got sentenced to 45 days in jail:


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