Here’s A Drinking Game In Which You Pump A Pink Penis And Get ‘Squirted’

Photo: Tara Moore (Getty)

When I was a kid, it was games like solitaire, cribbage, “Clue” and “Guess Who” that ate up the majority of my time.

Kids these days? You guessed it – they’re pumping a bunch of pink dicks to see if they’ll get squirted.

According to Metro, the name of the game is “Jizz,” and it’s all the rage amongst people playing drinking games. Here’s how it’s played:

‘Jizz’ (fantastic name) is a pink plastic penis which you fill up with a liquid of your choosing. You could choose water for easier cleanup, an alcoholic beverage, or even milk to bring some realism.

Each participant in the fun has to spin each of the pink plastic testicles. One will reveal the number of pumps they must do, the other will tell them where to point the penis. This includes an icon of a face, breasts, and arrows pointing to the person on your left or right. Then it’s pumping time.

You may be able to get away with six pumps without a sprinkle, or you’ll be unlucky and ‘Jizz’ will blow a load, squirting out your chosen liquid with force.

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Look, “Jizz” sounds like the perfect game for a bachelorette party, but if this pink cock goes mainstream, it looks like I’ll be spending the majority of my Friday nights home alone with my good pal Johnnie Walker.

And now check out some gals playing this very awkward game:

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