Ana de Armas Is A Special Kind of Beauty

Photo: Tony Barson(Getty Images)

Ana de Armas is a very lovely young actress that is making huge booms in the movie industry, and her unique look is definitely helping with that. The 29-year-old’s IMDB page might be a little thin, but she already landed a huge role in the upcoming blockbuster Blade Runner 2049. It’s not that surprising that the director Denis Villeneuve chose her for his sci-fi epic as she has a unique look. This Cuban beauty has green eyes, pale skin, and very soft features. She’s a sci-fi character in real-life, especially with the way that she dresses.

Ana has a pronounced artistic side which is clearly visible on her Instagram page where she has more than 1,507 posts and around 700,000 followers. We take a look at the sexiest and cutest photos from her profile.

The Best Ana de Armas Photos From Instagram

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A girl next door brunette with a pinch of attitude and a wild side. Not a girl that everyone could handle. Her kind eyes and pink lips are her main features. Or do you disagree?

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If this acting thing didn’t work out for Ana de Armas she could’ve easily been an elite high fashion model as she has the exact bone structure for the job.

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Lucky are the guys who come home to this view. Even nagging wouldn’t bother us badly and we can see her saying ‘you didn’t take out the trash’ in this photo.

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If this photo would have a name like paintings get it would surely be ‘innocence’. Ana de Armas was born in 1988 but she still looks like a teenage girl on occasions.

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She really quickly transitioned from being an under the radar Cuban actress to co-starring in major motion pictures. Luckily, these other hot actresses will also have successful careers.