Hooters Girls To Quench Your Hunger For Sexiness

Photo: J. Meric(Getty Images)

Hooters girls are basically stewardesses on the ground, at least based on their status and prominence in society, if stewardesses were all still exclusively hot. As Barney Stinson once explained, every time increment has its hottest profession to which all bombshells gravitate, but while others fluctuate in hotness, Hooters girls remain on the highest level.

There’s something about uniforms, regardless of how revealing or traditional they are, whether it’s a stewardess or a UFC ring girl like Arianny Celeste. We usually do just 10 of these hot girls pictures, but these Hooters girls are too tasty not to include seconds, so enjoy 15 photos.

Hooters Girls Instagram Photos

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While Hooters girls come in all shapes and sizes, as you’ll see, the unofficial “mascot” of the restaurant chain is a bombshell blonde, exactly like this one. The type of the girl you think about when you think about Hooters girls. This perfect blonde bombshell, in particular, is a part of the famed Hooters calendar.

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German Oktoberfest girls are great, but they only come around once a year, that’s why Hooters girls are superior. They maybe can’t carry as much beer as German girls, but they make up for it with other… talents.

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When you really think about it, servers must admire Hooters girls because it must be much harder to balance treys with two balloons in front of you.

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The best thing about Hooters girls is that there is always more than one of them.

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That looks really tasty… and the girl ain’t bad either. We like our Hooters girls, but wings are wings.