Sexy Actresses We Want To See More Of

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Hollywood has some of the sexiest ladies in the world working in it and we often fall in love watching movies as we do in everyday life, but we don’t just mean the A-list celebrities that are on magazine covers for years now. Everyone has their short list of sexy actresses that are not so well-known but have still captured our imaginations. Not necessarily young, promising actresses, although surely not talentless, as we have our standards high when it comes to daydreaming.

Rather those ones that have perhaps had just one noticeable role, or several little ones, but that had enough screen time to make your eyes go wide. So they are sexy the actresses that we want to see in more movies, ones that would make us watch Transformers 9 if they starred in them.

Sophie Cookson

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A girl next door on steroids, that’s how you can describe Sophie Cookson’s sexiness. The English actress was the kind, sweet part of the 2014 surprise smash hit Kingsman, and she is reprising her role of Roxy in the 2017 sequel. The 27-year-old has that cute, elegant look and she made us fall in love with pantsuits again, which requires a special kind of sexiness. One that doesn’t need to be too revealing or blatant in order to enchant.

Sonoya Mizuno

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When you’re one of basically four actors who appear in one of the best movies of the year, Ex Machina (2014), people will take notice. Sonoya Mizuno is a Japanese actress most known for her speechless role in the mentioned sci-fi movie, which says a lot about her talent since she perfectly became her character. Regarding her sexiness, without spoiling anything, Sonoya made us question some things we might thought are wrong. She was a part of the smash hit La La Land (2016), and will be in the cast of Annihilation (2018), so evidently casting directors in Hollywood share our infatuation with the Tokyo-born actress.

Sofia Boutella

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Another actress that was a part of the 2014 Kingsman, but one that had a few other roles in big movies like Star Trek Beyond (2016) and The Mummy (2017). Sofia is from Algeria, but her look can’t be specified easily so she appeared Asian while playing the badass Gazelle in Kingsman. One thing is sure, this surprisingly youthful 35-year old is one of the sexy actresses with huge roles in front of her.

Ania Bukstein

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Game of Thrones has such a huge, diverse cast that it is hard not to pick one sexy actress from it. While there are quite a few of pretty actresses that have a lot of screen time in the show and are hence guaranteed more roles, Ania Bukstein caught our eye in just a matter of minutes. She plays the second red priestess in the show, Kinvara, and definitely made us a believer in the Lord of Light. Ania is an Israeli actress, and also a singer, but hopefully, the whole world will get to enjoy in her unique, captivating look.

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