Model Elle Johnson Banned From Instagram Again For Being ‘Too Racy’

Photo: Twitter/Elle Johnson

Let me first start off by saying that model Elle Johnson is no stranger to being banned from Instagram as the 26-year-old was first banned in January. And then after being allowed back she was once again banned back in April. And then she was let back on once again, and wouldn’t you know it but she’s been banned for the third time.

Now I don’t know what monster keeps reporting Johnson, but it should be considered a crime. OK, maybe that’s taking it overboard, but still, who reports smoking hot photos? Satanists, that’s who. But not to worry, folks. Because even though Johnson has been banned on Instagram, she still has a Twitter — and Twitter embraces racy photos.

Let’s take a look at what Johnson has been up to recently now that Instagram is keeping her away.

May she never be banned from Twitter.

h/t The Sun

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