You’ll Really Appreciate This Tinder Girl’s Tattoo

Photo: PeopleImages (Getty)

Tinder is somehow still going strong, even though it’s a cesspool. But even in a cesspool there are gems to be found if you look hard enough. Well, maybe not in an actual cesspool, but you get the picture.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve mentioned a gem on Tinder, and that means we haven’t talked about a gal dropping quite the sex joke, or about a gal with quite the fun fact on her Tinder bio. But not to worry! Because thanks to Reddit we’ve come across another gal on Tinder who is all about sharing something about herself that you might fine pretty hot. Or pretty terrifying. It really depends on what you’re into.

So take a look below to learn about the tattoo that this girl is rocking.

You’ll Really Appreciate This Tinder Girl’s Tattoo 


Photo: Reddit

What a classy gal! Now, does she really have this tattoo? Who knows? But I’m sure you’re just a tiny bit curious to find out. And if she does have such a tattoo, I’m just curious to know how she shared this idea with her tattoo artist.

Well, regardless, Alexandria is one bold girl.

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