There Is A Mushroom In Hawaii That Apparently Gives Women Amazing Orgasms

I wonder if the locals call it Peter North.

According to 7 Deadly Mag, there is allegedly an orange mushroom that is only found on recent lava flows in Hawaii that has the power to give intense orgasms to any lady who sniffs one.

Hawaiian mushroom gives women amazing orgasms
The bright orange-colored mushroom found on lava flows approximately 600-10,000 years old was part of a study conducted by scientists John C. Holliday and Noah Soule since 2001 in which they had both men and women take a whiff of the fungus.

Nearly half of the female volunteers who inhaled the mushroom’s aroma were the beneficiaries of “spontaneous orgasms,” something Holliday and Soule said occurred because the mushroom released “hormone-like compounds similar to human neurotransmitters released during sexual encounters.”

However, most of the dudes who smelled the shroom were “repulsed” by it.

Well then. Maybe the locals should call it Oprah instead.

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