History’s Finest Celebrity Nip Slips

We all love award shows and red carpet premieres, especially to see who won the big trophies. But let’s be honest, the only reason we really watch these things is to bear witness to some of history’s finest celebrity nip slips. That way, we can tell our grandkids we were there back when.

Rihanna wore a see-through black top on the red carpet at Paris Fashion Week 2014.

Miranda Kerr shows off Victoria’s real “secret” when she exposes both nips on the red carpet, briefly after her famous fully nude photo shoot.

Mariah Carey exposed herself at the So So Def Anniversary Concert where she jumped out of the cake for Jermaine Dupri in a corset with a nip slip as an added bonus.

Elizabeth Hurley has had nip slips while signing autographs, giving fans something to remember her by, but this one took place outside London’s Love Ball in 2010.

Janet Jackson had the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” with Justin Timberlake in the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Still not sure how big of an “accident” that was.

Nicki Minaj had a nip slip during her performance on “Good Morning America.”

Halle Berry got paid a larger amount of money to show her boobs in “Swordfish,” but she showed them for free on the set of a follow-up film, “Frankie & Alice.”

Jessica Alba was the victim of a see-through sheer blouse, showing nip even if just the tip.

Lady Gaga shows her private parts practically every time she’s in public, this time specifically at the CFDA 2011 Awards where her black sheer didn’t quite cover it all up.

While avoiding the paparazzi, Jessica Simpson gave them just what they wanted with a nip slip.

Tara Reid is well known for her “American Pie” films, but even better known for her wardrobe slips on the red carpet. Did we say slips? We mean flat-out flashes.

Kate Hudson had a nice nip slip while reading the nominees during the 2009 AMA Awards Show with Nicole Kidman.

Katherine Heigl had a dress collapse at ShoWest Convention while accepting an award when her strap broke.

Jennifer Lopez slipped some nip at the 2012 Academy Awards next to Cameron Diaz.


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