The Most Outrageous Celebrity Outfits Of All Time

Ron Galella / Contributor (Getty).

Celebrities know how to knock it out of the park when it comes to getting attention, publicity and cudos for originality and fun from their adoring fans. Some of the most unrestrained outfits of all time have happened on the red carpets of the Grammys, Oscars, and other  award shows and premieres. Red carpets are constantly breaking new ground, breeding ultra-sheer looks, blinged-out fabrics and artistic outrageousness. Looking like contests for the lowest neckline, biggest head gear or who can reveal the most skin without an arrest, we love it all – the more the better.

Cher, Howard Stern, Liberace, and others broke down the barriers years ago, pushing the limits imposed by media’s strict codes and society’s moral compass, opening the way for some of the most fantastic out-of-this-world wardrobes ever designed. As years passed and barriers fell, top designers now salivate to dress celebrities in costume originals, eagerly waiting for their PR to catch fire. And rightfully so! Audiences are wrapped tightly around their TVs during award shows praying for a GaGa entrance in an egg or a glimpse of a nip slip.


Celebophiles have always jammed red carpet openings hoping to glimpse the latest looks of the rich and famous, including an array of stars from all industries who certainly don’t shy away from making daring fashion statements. From exotic jewelry to straight tomfoolery, a no-holds-barred attitude often results in some the most extravagant and memorable looks, making our fave Pharrell Williams look conservative in his short pants and famous caps. From giant feathered headgear to a 2 Chainz skirt, nothing makes for better water-cooler talk than these outrageous celebrity outfits