venice film festival
VENICE, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 05: Olivia Wilde attends the "Don't Worry Darling" red carpet at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 05, 2022 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Jacopo Raule/FilmMagic)

The Sexiest Celebrity Style From the 2022 Venice Film Festival

The Venice Film Festival is known as much for its groundbreaking films as it is for its avant-garde fashion. This year’s installment, the 79th annual cinephile fete, was no exception. The fits were off the chain.

From the time the Hollywood stars stepped off their gondolas into The City of Water, their impeccable style was on display.

Bold colors, revealing cutouts, puffy gowns, and sumptuous fabrics made it seem more like the Met Gala than a celebration of the best movies yet to be released this year.

In honor of those who brought their A-game to the red carpet, we rounded up the best examples of celebrity style. And for our purposes, this is equal-opportunity eye candy — men and women, actors and directors, stars of the big and small screens of all ages wowed us.

Without further ado, let the sexy commence!

Cover Photo: Jacopo Raule / Contributor (Getty Images)


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