Supreme Meme | The Best Of ‘Bernie vs Hillary’ (So Far)

The ‘Bernie vs Hillary’ meme (one of the great political meme-splosions of Internet history) is a particular type of viral phenom. It takes the easy juxtaposition of a traditional political poster – “Bernie or Hillary? Be informed. Compare them on the issues that really matter.” – and uses it against itself, exploding the perceived dichotomy of the two candidates into weird, perverse, but often poignant satire.

Issues that the digital posters pose range from gaming consoles to hip hop to eating preferences. Since most of these variations are being made by the very youth that find Bernie Sanders so appealing, the fictitious debate often leans towards his camp, painting Bernie as knowledgeable, passionate, and authentic, while Hillary Clinton comes off as robotic, detached, and disingenuous. Oh yes, the Internet can be woolly and wild, tough terrain for anyone – especially a politician – to navigate. But sometimes, it spits out pure gold.

So, before considering the issues that matter, first check out our favorite of those issues that don’t!  Here ya go: 


OK, now go make your own!


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