X Games 2015: Ronnie Renner 3-Peats Moto X Step Up

37-year-old Florida native Ronnie Renner took home his seventh gold medal in the Moto X Step Up Thursday night in Austin by clearing an incredible 34-feet.

It’s his third gold in a row in the event, making him the first athlete to win three Moto X Step Up gold medals in a row since Tommy Clowers in 2002.

“I would’ve never guessed 20 years ago when I started watching X Games that I would have my own gold medal—especially seven of them!” said Renner after his win.

Bryan Smith (USA) won the first ever X Games Harley-Davidson Flat-Track championship with a time of 8:20.168.


Harley-Davidson Flat-Track Final

1. Bryan Smith 8:20.168 (USA)

2. Sammy Halbert 8:20.638 (USA)

3. Brad Baker 8:25.406 (USA)

4. Johnny Lewis 8:25.945 (USA)

5. Jake Johnson 8:26.364 (USA)

6. Briar Bauman 8:26.540 (USA)

7. Doug Lawrence 8:27.593 (CAN)

8. Mikey Martin 8:29.176 (USA)

9. Kenny Coolbeth Jr. 8:29.647 (USA)

10. Michael Kirkness 8:38.092 (AUS)

11. Jared Mees -1 lap (USA)

12. Brandon Robinson -7 laps USA)


Moto X Step Up Final

1. Ronnie Renner – 34 feet (USA)

2. Massimo Bianconcini – 33 feet (ITA)

3. Bryce Hudson – 33 feet (USA)

4. Libor Podmol- 33 feet (CZE)

5. Matt Buyten – 30 feet (USA)

6. Tom Parsons – 30 feet(USA)

7. Alastair Sayer – 30 feet (RSA)

8. Josh Hansen – 28 feet (USA)

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.

Photo Credit: Red Bull


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