X Games Austin 2015: BMX Highlights and Interviews

The BMX vert held possibly the biggest headline at X Games Austin this year after Vince Byron shocked the landscape, defeating legend Jamie Bestwick, who lost for the first time in a decade.

Jush Allen and the CraveOnline team were there at the vert, hangin out, chattin’ with many of the athletes before competition. Watch the video above to see what the competitors were thinking before going up against Byron, Bestwick and Co. 

The 2015 BMX results

1. Vince Byron 92.00 (AUS)

2. Jamie Bestwick 91.00 (GBR)

3. Simon Tabron 89.66 (GBR)

4. Steve McCann 88.00 (AUS)

5. Mykel Larrin 86.33 (USA)

6. Chad Kagy 86.33 (USA)

7. Coco Zurita 84.00 (CHI)

8. Dennis McCoy 83.00 (USA)


Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.


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